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The Zanzibar or Unguja  Island  95 kilometers long and 35 kilometers from the Tanzania mainland. Only few countries in the world equal  Zanzibar’s long  whites sand beaches leading to warm aquamarine water providing  the backdrop  for excellent snorkeling and diving. With a history steeped in the slave trade and as an  important trading post for  cloves and spices   the island  is now a popular tourist destination and essentially a nineteenth century phenomenon.


Zanzibar is a semi-autonomous archipelago located on the fringes of Tanzania. This ‘Spice Island’ is renowned for its historical and cultural heritage dating back to the 6th century. Zanzibar has two main Islands – Unguja and Pemba in the Indian ocean.

The capital city of Zanzibar is ‘Stone Town’. Located in Unguja, Stone Town is characterized by a maze of narrow streets lined by houses, shops, mosques, and bazaars. UNESCO named Stone Town a World Heritage Site in 2000 due to its distinctive histo-cultural and architectural characteristics. Stone Town was derived from the Ubiquitous use of coral stones as the major construction materials giving the town a warm reddish color.



  • Enjoy Delicious Cuisines at Forodhani Garden Food Market. The Forodhani garden food market is located right at the seafront. Here, you can enjoy the breeze while savoring tasty local Zanzibari cuisines.
  • Explore the Old Fort. The Old Fort is an amazing edifice along Stone Town promenade. It has been converted to a curio market and art gallery. You can relax here beneath the blue sky and enjoy some quiet time.
  • Trip to Prison Island; With help from local guides, you can easily arrange a tour of the prison island. The tour includes a boat ride to the island. Here you can see the giant tortoises and snorkeling gears so you can enjoy the clear water.
  • Get Lost in the Mace of Stone Town. Though there is a map for Stone Town, it’s nearly useless. So, it’s fine to just take a few hours to hike and wander around this incredible town greeting the locals with a cheerful ‘mambo!’ as you wander.


Jozani forest is part of Jozani Chwaka Bay. The forest is a conservation area and home to Unguja endemic red colobus monkeys. The forest boasts a vast variety of wildlife dwelling in its evergreen thickets and mangroves. Here you can spot the Mama Mtondoo, an intriguing mahogany tree, which is believed to be over 200 years old. Another mind blowing experience is the Spice Tour. Zanzibar is renowned as a lucrative spice destination since the Arabs traded and owned large spice plantations. You can take 4-6 hours to explore the Spice farms and exotic spices available. Till date, Zanzibar is famous for its clove, nutmeg, cardamom, turmeric, cinnamon, chili, and black pepper.


Zanzibar is famous for its exotic beaches and unique atmosphere. It’s home to some of the best beaches on the planet with a series of interesting water-based activities that ensure an amazing and unforgettable time. Visitors on the island can enjoy water sports, popular dive spots or even just a relaxing time tanning on the shore. Some of top the beaches include:

  • Nungwi Beach; Nungwi beach is regarded as one of the top beach resorts in Zanzibar. The beach is ideal for swimming, snorkeling, and sailing. You can also go on a sunset cruise on the traditional dhow sailing boat. You may be lucky to spot aquatic creatures like turtles, dolphins, and sharks.
  • Kendwa Beach; Kendra beach is one of the most popular beaches in Zanzibar. Located just a few miles from Nungwi beach, it’s ideal for swimming, diving, snorkeling, etc. You can engage in lots of beach activities like beach soccer, and volleyball. Nungwi beach is known for its active nightlife and sunset parties.
  • Kiwengwa Beach; This is an ideal beach for families with kids. Kiwengwa beach is characterized by a more relaxed atmosphere and fewer activities compared to other beaches.

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Mount Meru is a stratovolcano located within the Arusha National park. It’s the second highest mountain in Tanzania after Kilimanjaro. It is the topographic centrepiece of Arusha National Park.


Ol doinyo lengai is located 240 kilometers from the northwest of Arusha town. It is also called the Mountain of God in Maasai language and it is the only active volcanic mountain in Tanzania.


Nurturing one of East Africans great forests, Udzungwa Mountain National Park. The Usangu plain lies to the northwest, drained by the Great Ruaha River and its tributaries. 


Two days hike you will be able to discover with us the fantastic nature on the slopes of Kilimanjaro with its waterfalls and rainforest. We will stay overnight in the mountain village Shimbwe..

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