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Why Choose Us

There are so many companies from which to choose when planning your African adventure that the list can be dizzying. How do you choose the right one? Price is definitely a major factor for most people. At Jungle of Kilimanjaro, we aim to offer competitive prices without jeopardizing our ethical standards, the level of quality we assure, and the safety and satisfaction of our clients.


We take personal care to provide our adventurers with a quality service. In order to offer you the most authentic wilderness experience possible, we have created the best itineraries based on our years of experience. We believe in the benefits of individual travel, and that travelers should enjoy a destination on their own terms and journey at their own pace. Indeed, they should explore the attractions that speak to their distinct interests, tastes, and backgrounds.


Our deep knowledge, on-the-ground presence, and passion for global travel, along with a dedication to personalized service, bring our destinations alive in unique and fascinating ways, while assuring quality and safety at every step.

Timely response

More than anyone, we know that your time is valuable and we promise to use it more efficiently. Therefore, our goal is a 24-hour response time to your inquiry. We continually update you on the status of your request keeping you informed with a keen attention to detail and efficiency – while retaining our creativity and flexibility.

Full Customer Service Support

At Jungle of Kilimanjaro, we spend a lot of time and effort to ensure that you experience the high standards of customer care. To begin with, we carefully select all our travel products to ensure that we’re providing you with a great mixture of facilities and destinations.

Unrivaled Local Knowledge

We are local, thus ensuring we can offer you a ‘real life’ perspective on the issues you need to consider in planning your trip. We offer you unrivaled local knowledge and experience, while promoting a sustainable form of tourism, not one that might ultimately contribute to the destruction of the places that have so captured our own imagination.

Easy and Secure Confirmed Reservations

Once you book you will receive an email confirmation containing all your reservation details, and that we are dealing with your reservation in the next 24 hours. An African Safaris Hub consultant will confirm again with you personally to ensure that all is in place to give you peace of mind.


We stay up-to-date on our product knowledge by traveling to Africa many times a year and welcoming our African partners and suppliers to our office for product training. We also know Africa extremely well and can independently offer objective advice on a range of accommodations for your trip.

Dedicated Team from Start to Finish

We’re there at each step of your journey. From the first phone call or e-mail to your return home, we’re on hand to answer all of your packing and planning questions, coordinate logistics, and we stay in close contact with our local guides and partners to ensure all goes smoothly. We take care of all the details, so you can enjoy an exceptional travel experience.

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