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Ol Doinyo Lengai


Ol doinyo lengai is located 240 kilometers from the northwest of Arusha town. It is also called the Mountain of God in Maasai language and it is the only active volcanic mountain in Tanzania. A 6 hour climb, including breathtaking views of the Great rift valley and volcanic formations in the Ngorongoro highlands as you get to the summit. Starting from dawn it’s an adventurous hike. The mountain is closed for climbing when the eruptions occur.

The surrounds of lake natron area has a lunar landscape beauty, but also the walks around the lake, the streams and waterfalls along the nearby escarpment makes an amazing adventure.

On the base of the mountain, lake natron is said to be the only breeding area for the endangered flamingos that live in the great rift valley. On the lower point of the great rift valley in East Africa the soda lake sits and it’s quite shallow, it varies in width depending on its water level and it is less than three meters deep. It is said the lake’s high alkaline environment is a barrier against predators trying to reach their nests.

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