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Cultural Activities


The most famous of Africa’s people, these fierce warriors are still practicing their ancestral way of life and are known for their pastoral traditions, living off their herds of cattle, sheep, goats, and donkeys. Since time immemorial the Maasai moved nomadically in search of water and pasture for their herds. Today they have established permanent settlements, and many of the Maasai do not roam. They still exist on a diet of milk, blood, and meat, however, it is becoming a very common place to supplement their diet with grain.

This wonderful cultural jaunt will immerse you in the fascinating ancestry of these noble people. 

At the Maasai village playing host to your tour, you will have the opportunity to meet with a Maasai family, visit a traditional boma, the village huts called Manyatta, made of cow dung and clay plastered over stick frames, and perhaps drift to a local school or clinic. If you would like to extend your half-day adventure, and turn it into a full-day’s exploration, you can experience a day in the life of a young Maasai or for an authentic interaction, watch a bloodletting ceremony. It is an extraordinary reality how the Maasai people live in the heart of the bush, with warthogs foraging and elephants trumpeting just on their periphery.


Early morning after sunshine we will pick you up from your hotel in Arusha. Afterwards you will tackle an approximate two and a half hours pleasing drive along the slopes of West Kilimanjaro up to the Maasailand near Tinga-Tinga. After arriving at “Olpopongi“ Maasai Village a group of pleasant Maasai and the Village Chief welcomes you with a chilled welcome drink.

You’ll have a walk through the village, with a personal Maasai guide explaining the life, past and today’s life of the Tanzania Maasai. Hearing more information about the culinary culture of the Maasai while tasting a traditional tea (chai) prepared on the wood fire.

A tasty lunch with a variety of local food highlights will end the activities inside the village. The afternoon starts with an exciting & very educational walking safari across the nearby bush. Maasai warriors will guide you along their paths and explain you typical medicinal plants, extraordinary trees, tracks and the local wildlife. In addition to that, the usage of local tools, hunting techniques and fire preparation is a part of your unforgettable bush jaunt.

Coming back to the village, the well-deserved break is accompanied by freshly brewed coffee & cake. During the sunset a group of Maasai men and women gather around for the traditional singing & dancing performances. A great BBQ-Buffet right at campfire and the “get together“ with your already known Maasai friends, will provide you an unforgettable evening under the astral sky. The evening will find the end at your private Maasai house on traditional beds with comfortable mats & blankets.

After hearing the rhythm of the bush drums the next morning, the breakfast with freshly baked rolls, jam, fruits and an omelette of your choice is waiting for you! Later, during the still early morning, the tour is over and it’s time to say goodbye with many new impressions in your mind. Your driver will bring you back to your accommodation in Arusha.


Hadzabe Tribe Day tour offers you a unique opportunity to visit the traditional homeland of the Hadzabe (or Hadza) peoples, one of the last surviving hunter-gatherer tribes in the world, and to meet their neighbors, the Datoga peoples. They grow no food, raise no livestock, and live without rules or calendars. They are living a hunter-gatherer existence that is little changed from 10,000 years ago.

Cultural experience

The Hadzabe tribe of Tanzania is the last true nomadic tribe of Africa. Jungle of Kilimanjaro trips can take you on an amazing adventure with the Hadzas. You will join the men as they hunt for their daily subsidence using traditional bow and arrows, or join the women as they forage for fruits and berries. This is the real deal. A true African cultural experience, not for the faint of heart.

The Hadza

The Hadza are the last functioning hunter-gatherers in Africa.


Their language is similar to the Southern Africa’s Bushmen who speak the click language and their language is believed to still have the clicks and pops like no other “click language” up to now.

About one hour’s drive south west of Karatu, lies Lake Eyasi, one of the rift valley lakes that are situated in Tanzania. It is a shallow seasonal lake that fills with water after rains and subsequently plays host to a myriad of bird species and provides water for the Hadzabe Bushmen tribe.

The tribe comprises very few inhabitants of the Lake Eyasi area; estimated at about just one thousand. These African Bushmen do not rear cattle or produce farm produce at any time and rely fully on hunting and gathering of fruits and berries for their upkeep.


An early departure in the morning to visit the Hadzabe and go hunting with them. The Hadzabe Tribe live in the dry terrain near Lake Eyasi, south of Ngorongoro crater in Tanzania.They have existed in this region for over 3000 years. The Hadzabe people are nomads and thus don’t live in the same place for long. 

They only set up camp for several days or even months and then when they have harvested the resources of their current location, they move to another area.


Their moves are normally influenced by climate changes and the availability of wild fruits and vegetation for their animals. They build homes by weaving small huts out of sticks from the euphorbia bush. The Hadzabe use bows, arrows and spears to hunt for food.They eat roots, meat, wild fruits and use alternative medicine to treat their illnesses.

They utilize sticks and grass to start fires. Their unique lifestyle makes a stay with them an interesting and stimulating experience. Drive back to Arusha late afternoon.

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Mount Meru is a stratovolcano located within the Arusha National park. It’s the second highest mountain in Tanzania after Kilimanjaro. It is the topographic centrepiece of Arusha National Park.


Ol doinyo lengai is located 240 kilometers from the northwest of Arusha town. It is also called the Mountain of God in Maasai language and it is the only active volcanic mountain in Tanzania.


Nurturing one of East Africans great forests, Udzungwa Mountain National Park. The Usangu plain lies to the northwest, drained by the Great Ruaha River and its tributaries. 


Two days hike you will be able to discover with us the fantastic nature on the slopes of Kilimanjaro with its waterfalls and rainforest. We will stay overnight in the mountain village Shimbwe..

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